A Clean Love Story

It was hard not to go a little crazy walking up and down the cleaning supplies aisle at Target.  Everything I saw became part of this love story.   This is the tag I made for the front of the laundry basket which held all of the cleaning products.  It made a practical and perfect bridal shower gift for our darling niece, Chelsea.A Clean Love Story Here’s what went into my basket, but you’ll be amazed at how easy it will be to personalize your own story with useful things you find.Clean Love Story Basket Contents Tuck it all inside and voila!  You have a CASCADE of cleaning products for the bride (and groom).DSCN6650 DSCN6655

A Little “Dough”

What Teenager doesn’t need a little extra “dough” for his birthday?   Instead of putting a few bills in a boring card, we made the cash a little more creative.  DSCN6663All we needed was a medium sized pizza box (Thanks Pizza Hut!), a 12″ square of foam insulation (cut round and then sanded smooth to look like a pizza crust), Twenty-Five bucks, and a thumb tack!DSCN6656These half sheet labels were easy to make and stick on the top of the box, and the inside.DSCN6659 DSCN6662Any way you slice it, this gift is a “pizz-a heaven!”


Love is In The Air

It’s probably evident we love themed parties and showers.  This Butterfly Bridal Shower was so fun to add little details for the bride’s peach, melon and navy blue theme.  Butterfly Bridal Shower HeaderWe started by designing these butterfly invitations and printed them on creamy cardstock.Lindsey No BorderThe placemats were the perfect blend of Lindsey’s colors, and were created from wrapping paper from Target. DSCN0119 The utensil holder was a thick sealed envelope with the top cut off with pinking shears, wrapped with a ribbon and a butterfly (Zurchers), with a napkin and utensils tucked inside.DSCN0086Fresh flowers and butterfly picks from Hobby Lobby helped carry out the butterfly theme.DSCN0104These rice grass centerpieces with spring flowers and bright butterflies (Pier 1 Imports)  added the perfect touchDSCN0090For lunch, we served delicious sandwiches from Kneaders Bakery, fresh fruitDSCN0109 “Candy” salad (note the butterfly shaped pieces of cheese in the salad)DSCN0111 Fresh VeggiesDSCN0114 Water bottles with “Love is in the Air” labels, and Crystal Light packets,DSCN0117 And, of course, butterfly cookies, also from Kneaders.DSCN0115DSCN0121


Tools for a Happy Marriage…

Tools for a Happy Marriage

This bridal shower gift is not only handy for newlyweds moving into a new place…but it gives the couple great advice at the same time.   All it takes is a trip to the hardware store to walk down the aisles and let your creativity flow!   Here’s what our “Tools for a Happy Marriage” gift contains:

You know the DRILL–always LEVEL with one another:  Drill, Level

Share all of your heart WRENCHing moments with him:  Wrench Set

Make him feel like a STUD:  Stud finder

When things get HOT, be like GLUE, and always STICK together:  Glue gun

Don’t get HUNG up on little problems:  Picture hanging kit

No matter how you SLICE it, you’ll always be the LIGHT of his life:   Exacto knife, flashlight

HAMMER out AWL of your problems:  Hammer, Awl

Sup-PLIER with constant compliments:  Pliers

Let her off the HOOK if she doesn’t always MEASURE up:  Picture hanging hooks, Measuring tape

Make her feel like she’s a CUT above the rest:  Box cutter or scissors

Always have a BIT of DRIVE to improve yourself:  Screwdriver Set

You’ll have this marriage thing NAILED in no time at all!:  Nails, tacks,

Pop it all in a tool box and shrink wrap it….and the newlyweds are all set!

Tools for a Happy Marriage Tag

Super Hero Birthday

When grandkids live out of town, birthdays are sometimes a challenge to celebrate.  We couldn’t be there for Griffin’s fourth birthday, so we decided to fly him to us!  We hosted a Super Hero Birthday Party and had a wonderful time!DSCN5338

We prepared invitations to invite all the super heros, young and old, to come and celebrate!Super Hero Invite

Each of the kids went home with a personalized super hero bucket with planes, masks, web shooter (a can of silly string), bracelets, pencils, balloons and toys.DSCN5291 Our party goers came dressed in their favorite super hero costumes…..DSCN5294

We prepared the menu, then made these “Crash, Bam, Pow!” types of signs for the dinner menu… DSCN5284Macaroni and CheeseDSCN5325Kaboom KebobsDSCN5326Pow Pasta!DSCN5327Vroom VeggiesDSCN5328DSCN5314Happy Birthday Griffin!DSCN5355

Ready to Pop


Lauren and Hailey and I threw a fun shower for Lindsey. One of us lives in Logan, one in Salt Lake City, and one in St. George…so we planned the whole thing long distance.  Thank heavens for pinterest private boards, texting, and email!


Hailey chose a “Ready to Pop” theme, and decided to do a shower in Lindsey’s nursery colors. Once we had that direction, we all took off with our assignments!  We had a great time putting together the menu and the decorations, and I loved the cute colors–mint and melon.


Hailey designed the chalkboards and made the cute onesie enhanced banner to drape in front of the fireplace.  They also brought Lindsey’s newly antinqued and glazed crib up to the family room, and used it to display many of her gifts!


Lauren made this cute balloon bouquet by wrapping individual balloons with tulle and tying them off with ribbons.  I thought they looked like giant lolly pops, which was perfect for the “Ready to Pop” theme.  I used mint, turquoise and melon printed fabric and ribbon to make a pennant banner which we strung all the way around the island where food was served.  I made some coordinating basket liners and table runners with left over fabric.


Look at the gorgeous quilt Hailey (and her MIL) made for Lindsey to match babies room.


Guests were encouraged to give the new “Mom and Pop” some parenting advice.


We had fun with the “POP” menu, too, which included Salad with POPpyseed dressing, POPovers with individual strawberry jams, Jalepeno POPpers, POPcorn Chicken with dipping sauces, and Soda POP.DSCN3411DSCN3434DSCN3409 DSCN3407 DSCN3402 DSCN3403

We picked up some delicious Popcorn from Roosters Gourmet Popcorn to make a yummy popcorn bar for people to snack on as we watched Lindsey open presents.

DSCN3418 DSCN3428

Guests were sent off with a delicious cake POPS, and younger guests filled up sacks of POP Rocks, LolliPOPS, Ring POPS, and all sorts of other..uh..POPular candies.

DSCN3386DSCN3427 We’re so excited for Lindsey and Ryan to become parents!  We love you both!

“Crap” Room to Craft Room

Scott just turned a  “crap collection” room in our downstairs into a bright, cheery craft area to work on all our projects!  It was so fun to watch it come together, and I couldn’t be more excited about the great job he did.  This is my new craft/wrapping/project area, and the other side of the room has Scott’s area to work on his sewing and leather projects (yes, girls…I have a husband who sews).

Because it is a downstairs work area with no windows, I wanted it as bright as possible, so I chose white…walls, doors, shelves, cabinets, and work areas.

I will open myself up to gasps and tuts…and admit that THIS is what part of the area looked like before we started this project.  So…all those people that constantly talk about how organized I am?  Well, here’s the reality hiding in my basement.  We quickly dejunked the cabinets and countertop, and tore out the old shelves and cupboards.  This area will become Scott’s new sewing area with perfect space for his commercial sewing machine.

Besides painting walls and ceiling, we painted the shelves in an adjoining closet, and installed four new doors in the room.


We also did some new rough electrical so additional electrical outlets could be added at counter and floor height, as well as wiring for under cabinet lighting in the areas where I planned to put cupboards.  We also added an outlet in the ceiling near the light fixture, so we’ll be able to plug glue guns and other devices into the ceiling above the working area island/table–no cords to trip over!

Scott’s first experience installing laminate flooring was a good one…we chose a maple Pergo, and he had it installed in an evening!  Fresh baseboards followed.

I wanted plain, simple and clean lines in the room, so we elected to  purchase Ikea cabinets as well as countertops and island/table.  The nice thing about the counters is they’re not attached, so we can move them if we ever need to.  A few bright red rolling chairs allow us to move and turn from one area to the next as we work.

The new cupboards were quickly stocked into labeled containers and boxes for quick, easy location of all my supplies.  I found some dollar store metal magazine holders for my files and current projects, and added a row of duct tape to brighten it up.  Decorative scissors, paint brushes, and markers are stored in clear plastic bins held by a white wire rack.

We installed white slatboard in a few locations in the room and in the closet to help organize the things I’ll use a lot and want to have accessible, like ribbons, punches, scissors, tulle, rulers, etc.  We added red plastic strips to the slatboard grooves to give it another splash of color.


I bought some red canvas totes to fit in the Ikea 4 by 4, and I store my larger projects and supplies in there.  I also found a six tier scrapbook paper rack (12 x 12) that I discovered fit perfectly in on of the shelves.   I made a couple of crafty signs and framed them in red (again from Ikea).

It’s true…this was a “before” picture!  Another disorganized area off of this room is this walk in closet where I have been collecting, filing, and stacking “stuff” from my church callings….books, visual aids, handouts, chimes,  Primary singing aids, posters….All of it just kept getting deeper and deeper until I literally couldn’t step in the closet….so…out it all went!
I also added a slatboard area in here for storing some tools, cleaners, mop and broom, and also some hooks to store those bulky baskets up high where they won’t take up so much room!

Remember the picture at the top with the counter and cupboards stacked with tons of cr.. uh…. stuff?  This little area was the perfect place to install some new, fresh cabinets, under cabinet lighting, and Scott’s commercial sewing machine.

We added slatboard here as well for his tools and supplies, and all of his projects (leather, canvas for the awning, and other manly man stuff) are stored in boxes with a row of red and white polka dotted duct tape.  He hasn’t got them labeled yet, but he’ll be able to find everything quick and easy now, I’m sure.

Because I wanted to make sure this area was personalized for Scott, I made him a pair of Star Trek prints….the first is a Singer sewing machine converted to the Enterprise (NCC 1701) and it says “Boldly Sewing Where No Man Has Sewn Before.”  The print on the right is Data being domestic, and Captain Piccard’s caption says “Make It Sew.”  I know…cheesy.  But perfect for my nerdy hubby!


With the addition of some slatboard with hooks and baskets, and some under cabinet lighting by Platinum Electric, the sewing area is done!


Scott and I have already been down  working on projects together and loving having a space to spread out and make a mess!  The first project completed in the new craft room?  Scott made himself a new red leather pocket protector for his reading glasses and his cross pen (see…I told you he was a nerd), and I’ve already made some shower invitations, some gifts, and worked on some church projects.  It’s great to have an area that I can work until I’m tired….leave my mess out and go to bed!   Happy Crafting!


Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Collage


It’s always interesting to me that when we are invited to a bridal shower and given a shower gift “assignment,” it often involves cooking, laundry, cleaning.   As a pseudo-feminist, I sometimes get a little animated about accepting that the new bride is the only partner who will be doing these chores!   What about the new groom?  Sure,  I’ve been spoiled by having a hubby that cleans and cooks as much (or more?) than me.    So when I got assigned to bring a cleaning gift to my niece’s bridal shower, I put a bit of a twist on it that I’m sure has endeared me to her cute husband, Troy, forever…


Mr. Clean Gift Tag

Everything I Need to Know About Marriage…I Learned in the Kitchen

Everything I Need To Know Tag and Photo
I am notorious for using a lot of puns, which can get ridiculously silly and far fetched…This bridal shower gift was no exception.  But it was a hit, and totally hysterical to prepare.  Most of the ideas I came up with as I wandered up and down the kitchen implement aisles at Target, (laughing and chuckling by myself, I might add) locating all the things a new bride needs to work in a kitchen of her own.  A 3 x 3 pegboard, some wire ties and delightfully “pun-ny” tags, and the gift was done.


Strainer Spatula  Pizza Cutter WhiskMeasuring Spoons Kitchen TimerMeasuring CupsFly SwatterIce Cream ScoopGrill Starter  Cheese Grater Blender bottleCan Opener  TurnerApple Slicer Wooden Spoons  Vegetable Peeler  Rolling PinServing Spoon

And there you have it….a kitchen gadget board with good advice for ALL of us!

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs Bucket Label

We’ve got another family wedding approaching soon, and that means BRIDAL SHOWER!  We haven’t even met Tyson  yet, but Nicole’s family has told us all about him, and it sounds like they are a match made in heaven……a perfect pair!

So we were inspired to make a shower gift that reflects a lot of “Perfect Pairs.” With a little help from Pinterest and a trip to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, we were ready to shower Nicole with all kinds of gifts that go together…just like her and Tyson.


First, we bought a tote…we chose “pear” green, and printed “Perfect Pairs…inspired by Nicole and Tyson” on a full sheet label to apply to the front of the tote.


We used glossy laser labels to print all of the stick-on labels pairs.  To match the  green tote and Nicole’s red kitchen, we chose the Kiss Kiss Collection from Studio Flergs as our clip art graphics.

DSCN2578 DSCN2582

Next…we started matching and wrapping up our Perfect Pairs, tying ribbons, bagging in cellophane, and applying the labels…..    Some of our perfect pairs were pancakes and syrup, cake and frosting…

DSCN2584 DSCN2587

Milk (flavor beads) and cookies, Hugs and Kisses……

DSCN2589 DSCN2591

…..chips and clips, peanut butter and jelly…..

DSCN2597 DSCN2599

….pen and paper (a menu planning and grocery shopping pad), macaroni & cheese….


….DSCN2602 DSCN2604

….salt and pepper (in snazzy grinder/mill), spoons and fork….

DSCN2605 DSCN2609

….cheese and crackers (aka Ritz Bits!), oil and vinegar…

DSCN2610 DSCN2615

and a paring knife and cutting board.    I also made this sign to go with it…I loved the message when I saw it several years ago, and thought it made a perfect accompaniment to the Perfect Pairs basket.


I painted a 6″ x 12″ wood a charcoal black and let it dry.


I typed the sign using “Old Press” font (slightly eroded and distressed, but still legible).  I made the background charcoal and the lettering off white, then trimmed it to within 1/16″ of the size of the wood piece and mod podged it to the wood.


DSCN2622 DSCN2636

Here’s the tote, all loaded up and ready for the shower!  Nicole and Tyson….we are excited for you and really believe you are the PERFECT PAIR!