“Crap” Room to Craft Room

Scott just turned a  “crap collection” room in our downstairs into a bright, cheery craft area to work on all our projects!  It was so fun to watch it come together, and I couldn’t be more excited about the great job he did.  This is my new craft/wrapping/project area, and the other side of the room has Scott’s area to work on his sewing and leather projects (yes, girls…I have a husband who sews).

Because it is a downstairs work area with no windows, I wanted it as bright as possible, so I chose white…walls, doors, shelves, cabinets, and work areas.

I will open myself up to gasps and tuts…and admit that THIS is what part of the area looked like before we started this project.  So…all those people that constantly talk about how organized I am?  Well, here’s the reality hiding in my basement.  We quickly dejunked the cabinets and countertop, and tore out the old shelves and cupboards.  This area will become Scott’s new sewing area with perfect space for his commercial sewing machine.

Besides painting walls and ceiling, we painted the shelves in an adjoining closet, and installed four new doors in the room.


We also did some new rough electrical so additional electrical outlets could be added at counter and floor height, as well as wiring for under cabinet lighting in the areas where I planned to put cupboards.  We also added an outlet in the ceiling near the light fixture, so we’ll be able to plug glue guns and other devices into the ceiling above the working area island/table–no cords to trip over!

Scott’s first experience installing laminate flooring was a good one…we chose a maple Pergo, and he had it installed in an evening!  Fresh baseboards followed.

I wanted plain, simple and clean lines in the room, so we elected to  purchase Ikea cabinets as well as countertops and island/table.  The nice thing about the counters is they’re not attached, so we can move them if we ever need to.  A few bright red rolling chairs allow us to move and turn from one area to the next as we work.

The new cupboards were quickly stocked into labeled containers and boxes for quick, easy location of all my supplies.  I found some dollar store metal magazine holders for my files and current projects, and added a row of duct tape to brighten it up.  Decorative scissors, paint brushes, and markers are stored in clear plastic bins held by a white wire rack.

We installed white slatboard in a few locations in the room and in the closet to help organize the things I’ll use a lot and want to have accessible, like ribbons, punches, scissors, tulle, rulers, etc.  We added red plastic strips to the slatboard grooves to give it another splash of color.


I bought some red canvas totes to fit in the Ikea 4 by 4, and I store my larger projects and supplies in there.  I also found a six tier scrapbook paper rack (12 x 12) that I discovered fit perfectly in on of the shelves.   I made a couple of crafty signs and framed them in red (again from Ikea).

It’s true…this was a “before” picture!  Another disorganized area off of this room is this walk in closet where I have been collecting, filing, and stacking “stuff” from my church callings….books, visual aids, handouts, chimes,  Primary singing aids, posters….All of it just kept getting deeper and deeper until I literally couldn’t step in the closet….so…out it all went!
I also added a slatboard area in here for storing some tools, cleaners, mop and broom, and also some hooks to store those bulky baskets up high where they won’t take up so much room!

Remember the picture at the top with the counter and cupboards stacked with tons of cr.. uh…. stuff?  This little area was the perfect place to install some new, fresh cabinets, under cabinet lighting, and Scott’s commercial sewing machine.

We added slatboard here as well for his tools and supplies, and all of his projects (leather, canvas for the awning, and other manly man stuff) are stored in boxes with a row of red and white polka dotted duct tape.  He hasn’t got them labeled yet, but he’ll be able to find everything quick and easy now, I’m sure.

Because I wanted to make sure this area was personalized for Scott, I made him a pair of Star Trek prints….the first is a Singer sewing machine converted to the Enterprise (NCC 1701) and it says “Boldly Sewing Where No Man Has Sewn Before.”  The print on the right is Data being domestic, and Captain Piccard’s caption says “Make It Sew.”  I know…cheesy.  But perfect for my nerdy hubby!


With the addition of some slatboard with hooks and baskets, and some under cabinet lighting by Platinum Electric, the sewing area is done!


Scott and I have already been down  working on projects together and loving having a space to spread out and make a mess!  The first project completed in the new craft room?  Scott made himself a new red leather pocket protector for his reading glasses and his cross pen (see…I told you he was a nerd), and I’ve already made some shower invitations, some gifts, and worked on some church projects.  It’s great to have an area that I can work until I’m tired….leave my mess out and go to bed!   Happy Crafting!


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