Tools for a Happy Marriage…

Tools for a Happy Marriage

This bridal shower gift is not only handy for newlyweds moving into a new place…but it gives the couple great advice at the same time.   All it takes is a trip to the hardware store to walk down the aisles and let your creativity flow!   Here’s what our “Tools for a Happy Marriage” gift contains:

You know the DRILL–always LEVEL with one another:  Drill, Level

Share all of your heart WRENCHing moments with him:  Wrench Set

Make him feel like a STUD:  Stud finder

When things get HOT, be like GLUE, and always STICK together:  Glue gun

Don’t get HUNG up on little problems:  Picture hanging kit

No matter how you SLICE it, you’ll always be the LIGHT of his life:   Exacto knife, flashlight

HAMMER out AWL of your problems:  Hammer, Awl

Sup-PLIER with constant compliments:  Pliers

Let her off the HOOK if she doesn’t always MEASURE up:  Picture hanging hooks, Measuring tape

Make her feel like she’s a CUT above the rest:  Box cutter or scissors

Always have a BIT of DRIVE to improve yourself:  Screwdriver Set

You’ll have this marriage thing NAILED in no time at all!:  Nails, tacks,

Pop it all in a tool box and shrink wrap it….and the newlyweds are all set!

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