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I was born to drink Diet Coke and snuggle grandbabies.  I’m addicted to my Kindle, traveling the world in lavish elegance, eating out,  driving too fast, and Pinterest.

I love making or buying clever gifts and writing poems to go along with them.  I enjoy entertaining, and especially creating theme showers and parties.   Some people call me the most organized person they know… I don’t correct them.   I try to be creative, but many people steal my ideas.  Before I think of them.

I’m determined not to become a crazy cat lady in my twilight years, so I spend some of my day behind a desk as an accountant-landlord-financier-entrepreneur-consultant of five businesses.   I’ll never be a millionaire, but I’m certain I’d be good at it.

I’m happily married to my childhood sweetheart, have four exceptional children, and several (but not nearly enough) grandchildren.  I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.




My creative streak started as a child when my mom and I would watch “Trading Spaces” every week.  At age 14, I designed and redecorated my own bedroom, creating a bold pink and black striped space that my parents haven’t repainted…yet.  I still love putting my own personal touches in all of the rooms in my Logan, Utah apartment.

I have three older brothers who were very protective of me growing up. In spite of guarding me vigilantly, by some miracle they permitted me to date and I met and married my dashing and handsome husband just after my freshman year in college..

I guess you could say I like to dabble in a bit of everything….in high school, I was involved in sports, church, music, and also served as a city ambassador.   I attended USU on   academic/athletic scholarships as a high jumper, and graduated with a degree in Statistics and Math.  These days, the only jumping I’m doing is as mother of a ridiculously adorable baby girl, who, statistically speaking, holds 100% of my heart.

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